-          Analyzing the current progress of e-trade and digital economy, identifying necessary actions for further improvement

-          Addressing latest industrial trends in Turkey and around the globe

-          Analyzing essential actions for the sake of a positive customer experience and sustainability for organizations engaged in e-trade and related fields, analyzing customer expectations,

-          Bringing together, simultaneously with the conference, the representatives of organizations engaged in the industry and related fields through the first e-trade organization held under TUCCE authorization, exchanging opinions and offering a platform for the presentation of their products and services.


Target Audience

Besides senior manager and market leaders, the conference context targets key players and SMEs that represent the majority share of the industry as well.

-          Infrastructure providers,

-          Social media agencies,

-          Web designers,

-          HR and marketing managers,

-          Call centers,

-          Banks and financial institutions,

-          Alternative systems,

-          Logistics and courier companies,

-          Representatives of the retail, transport and tourism industry,

-          Related governmental bodies…

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