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The E-Commerce Conference and Expo launched for the first time in 2012 will again bring together the professionals of the industry at the Haliç Congress Center on May 15,2014.

Committed to streamlining the evolution of the rapidly booming industry and meeting key active players of this trend with industrial representatives, the event will focus on e-trade strategies for the retail sector as its main theme for the year 2014.

In the conference where distinctive aspects of the retail sector accounting for a noteworthy portion of the online trade, including latest e-trade trends, legal regulations, social media, payment systems and customer services will be addressed, prominent local and international personages shaping the industry will share vital facts with the participants.

As the first and the unique e-trade organization held under the authorization of Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TUCCE), the E-trade Expo will host, simultaneously with the conference, the leading organizations of the industry, and participants will have the opportunity to get involved in this platform with favorable prices offered under the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization’s (SMEDO) subsidy scheme. 

Traditionally concluded by announcing the closing statement every year and set to be started with the resulting statement of the 2nd E-trade Conference this year, the conference is aimed at addressing the evolutionary progress of the industry.


-          In the conference with its main theme set as e-trade strategies for the retail industry; latest e-trade trends in the industry will extensively be addressed, covering distinctive aspects including luxury marketing in e-trade, legal regulations, social media, search optimization, technology and customer services.

Megan Quinn
Net-A-Porter, Co-Founder


Recently named one of Australia’s most powerful women in retail by Inside Retail, Megan Quinn is the CEO of Q&CO and was a co-founder of Net-A-Porter. Megan is a board member of Specialty Fashion Group, UNICEF Australia and Fitted for Work. She has more than 20 years experience in senior executive and consulting roles with organizations including Conde Nast, Harrods and CoutureLab; working with brands including Asprey, Dell, BHS, Qantas and Patek Philippe. Her experience in e-commerce, luxury, retailing, marketing and brand development is combined with strong strategic, operational, supply-chain and financial expertise.

Brand development; customer service and experience across all channels, are particular areas of interest and expertise.

Co-founding internationally acclaimed Net-A-Porter in 1999 is one of Megan’s notable achievements. Her role was to direct the brand development of the company which launched in June 2000. In her capacity as Creative Director, she designed the iconic packaging, directed the site design and editorial, and was a senior member of the buying team. In her role as HR Director, she hired, trained and managed all staff, with a particular emphasis on creating the unique levels of service for which Net-A-Porter is now internationally renowned. As a Board Director, she reported to the fellow directors of the
company, and reviewed and discussed the strategic, marketing, operational and financial implications and consequences of the rapidly expanding global business.

Megan relocated to Melbourne, Australia in 2008 having spent 18 years in London. She is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


SPEECH BRIEF: In this presentation, Megan, who’s just been named one of the most
powerful women in Australian retail by Inside Retail, will share her
insights and experience gained as a co-founder and creative director
of Net-A-Porter. She will share how this internationally renowned and
game-changing business was established, and reveal her top tips on
“How to create business excellence in the 21st Century.”

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Megan is an engaging speaker, whose global experience, strategic creativity, honesty, humility and quick humour serve to inform everyone from Boards to CEO’s, senior management and entrepreneurs around the world.


Paul Smith

Whether developing digital marketing strategies, planning integrated online & offline marketing resources, mobilizing staff into social media teams, integrating virtual events, or nurturing and training staff into world class marketing teams or mentoring managers, Paul has helped to boost the results of literally hundreds of organisations from IBM to innovative SMEs.

His five books are published in seven languages. Emarketing Excellence 4th ed. is the most recent with America’s Jim Sterne referring to it as ‘a must read’. Paul’s SOSTAC ® Planning system is now used by organisations across the world & was voted in the top 3 marketing models of all time by the world’s largest marketing institution, the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Paul’s personal passion, is his innovative social media campaign built around inspirational true two minute stories, called the  Great Sportsmanship Programme, an edutainment programme that  mobilises a new generation into sportsmanship values from Dublin to Dubai. He is also a visiting lecturer in the Cass Business School, London and speaks in Europe, the Middle East and the USA. Paul is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and has a B.Sc. (mngt) from Dublin University and an MBA from Cass Business School.

Topic: Developing Your Digital Marketing Strategy

“There’s no point rowing harder, if you are rowing in the wrong direction” said Kenichi Ohmae (author) to PR Smith many years ago.

Amidst today’s continual stream of emerging digital tools, techniques and channels, Paul Smith says that businesses are indeed rowing furiously but often, in the wrong direction. They lack a coherent digital marketing strategy. The result? Busy marketing teams, working harder and longer, but no matter how hard they try, the results just don’t come in. Without a digital marketing strategy, marketers can drift in the wrong direction, and get sucked into working longer and longer hours, but never getting the results they need.

Many get stuck in ‘content marketing wars’ while their customers drown in a sea of content, others struggle with social media chaos and others just keep searching for the magic solution by trying everything that’s relatively new whether Marketing Automation and Digital Body Language, Attribution Modelling, Social Business Models, The Ladder Of Engagement, Content Marketing,   Remarketing,   Mobile Marketing, apps, QR codes, Augmented & Virtual Reality.

Creativity as a source of strategic differentiation is no longer valid. Smarter organisations adopt a more strategic view of marketing. They build a marketing information infrastructure and integrate today’s new tools to can develop sustainable competitive advantage via a single view of the customer. They build a more robust business for the future built around the customer to ensure relevance, timing and tools/channels work together.  A digital marketing strategy adds value through relevance, reinforces key messages via integration,  gives direction and motivates the team.

Paul highlights a lack of digital marketing strategy amidst hyper-competition and then explores the benefits, components and different approaches to developing your digital marketing strategy to create sustainable competitive advantage.

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